2010 The year that was


So a lot has happened in the past year, and as usual I’ve been too busy living life to actually document it all.

It’s been a year of love, a year of work, a year of food, a year of wine, and one that
will probably change the shape of my life for a long time to come.

I’ve been working hard (kind of) making websites for other people, trying to improve my photography with a new camera,
writing for the excellent SPICE Magazine, and hopefully picking up some very exciting new writing
opportunities in the new year.

I’ve been honoured to attend dinners and weddings with some very special people, and have eaten and drunk
and laughed with a group of wonderful friends more times than I can remember.

You may also have seen a certain Latin influence creep into some of my posts and photography throughout the year,
and if you were paying very careful attention, you might have found out that in July I got married to the most amazing
woman I’ve ever met. My beautiful wife now shares my kitchen and we are very proud to bring a taste of her homeland
(Colombia) to the food loving community of Perth. We started at Mondo Markets with her delicious empanadas
this year and hope to continue it next year in a few different guises.

The face of Perth has also changed this year, with so many great new venues and bars opening, it’s so great to be able to watch
a city evolve in front of your eyes.

So here are some photos to mark the passage of time and reflect on an amazing year, and perhaps promise to try and write to you more next year :) Anythings possible…

And as a bonus added extra, here’s a video of most of my photos to date, compiled into a video:

17 thoughts on “2010 The year that was”

    1. Absolutely Chris, it’s been great having you back to make sure all events are appropriately patronised by food and booze whores :)

      Here’s to many more in the new year.

    1. Cheers Alistair, it’s on my list of places to check out, as is Mamasita, and Cruzao Arepa Bar. Though being Colombian, I’m hoping Sonido will be great because the menu looks awesome.

  1. Hi Matt,

    Came across your blog while looking for a recipe for pumpkin risotto and have been visiting on and off ever since. Love your work!

    I’m an Aussie food lover living in Colombia and was wondering if you’ve ever tried selling arepa con huevo at the markets. Always thought they could be a big hit in Oz. That and patacon con todo :-)

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment ! Where in Colombia are you living and how long have you been there ?

      We’ve been selling empanadas at the markets, and did experiment selling arepa, but just the regular
      flat arepa with pulled pork or carne molida on top. They were popular, but not as popular as the empanadas.

      We do love arepa con huevo though, and if the chance arises we’ll try that at a markets too, because I think it’s a winner.

      Can’t seem to find plantain in Perth to make patacones, so we will use the greenest bananas instead. Fried, squashed and
      fried again with guiso on top, they’re delicious too.

      Hope you keep visiting :)


  2. I’m in Apartado, Antioquia (my wife’s home town). We’ve been here for about a month now. Before that we were in Sydney for about 4 years and always threatened to start an arepa stall at one of the markets, but never got it together. Nice to see someone actually doing it!

    Will definitely keep visiting your site. New recipes always appreciated.

  3. Awesome :) Have you moved there permanently ? I have a feeling I might want to come back once I make it over.

    Look for more recipes and photos with a distinct Colombian flavour soon :) Just found a local supplier of plátanos verdes, so we’ll have some patacones recipes to try :)

  4. You’d be surprised how many people come for a month and stay for years. We’re here for 12 months at least – we’ll see how everything is going then and decide if we want to stay. Good luck with those platanos!

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