Fruit Salad

Aka the lazy man’s dessert.

This is really just a numbers boosting post and brought about by having some photos that turned out ok for once.

So…without further ado… Fruit salad !!

Simple fruit salad


Seedless Grapes
Pineapple (real pineapple)
Passion Fruit


Procure fruit, chop up fruit, throw fruit into bowl. Cut passion fruit open, scoop out the good stuff… Mix through.

Serve with ice cream for added cliche (I did, it was great).

The end.

3 thoughts on “Fruit Salad”

  1. We’re waiting (somewhat) patiently for the next installment…

    Also, do you know what to do with quince? It has to be cooked, yes?

  2. Hey Sid,

    I’m not sure when the next installment will be… I need to think of something to make with Feijoa’s though… those things have some crazy flavours that i need to exploit somehow…

    Quinces seem to like being poached or baked I believe. I would happily direct you to Jules blog, where she recently posted a lovely moroccan style dessert of honey baked quinces with macadamia & date stuffing & cinnamon icecream, which sounds freakishly tasty to me.

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