Chinese Risotto

Anyone who reads this site on a semi regular basis would think I have some kind of risotto obsession.

So to add to that… here’s another concoction I made recently. A chinese influenced risotto using baby corn, bok choy, and chinese cooking sherry as the base.

Chinese Risotto

It was tasty… but somewhat “uninspired”, which is my new favourite word to describe things that are nice, but not up to my own level of expectation.

Climbing the mountain

Thus ends the risotto posts for the time being. Unless anyone out there can suggest some I should try ??

Cmon…challenge me !

3 thoughts on “Chinese Risotto”

  1. most cultures have a dish where rice plays a leading role. congee… buriyani…

    hey why dont you try an indian risotto… it would be “hot”! ;)

  2. Yes rice… Staple food for a few billion people. Just like football (i.e: soccer) the Western world doesn’t know whats it’s missing out on.

    I like the idea of an indian risotto…

    Suggest me a couple of core ingredients and I’ll give it a go. I did have a pretty tasty “thai red curry” seafood risotto a while back that I keep meaning to recreate, I’m sure I can fudge that into something vaguely Indian…

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